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From sports injuries to work accidents and postural issues, muscles, tissues, and nerves go through plenty throughout your life. If left unaddressed, minor symptoms can cause acute pain, restlessness and medical risks. Through spinal adjustments, neck pain treatment, chiropractic alignment and other interventions, our chiropractor can help you bounce back quickly from the worst problems.

The Tri-City Soft Tissue and Spine team specializes in a range of chiropractic services - including pain treatment, carpal tunnel intervention or care after a serious sports injury, we can solve your issues. Along with personalized treatment, our chiropractor provides empathetic customer service, keeping you comfortable and informed throughout your treatment.

Entrusting Our Chiropractors With Your Wellness

Tri-City Soft Tissue and Spine utilizes the newest technologies and techniques. From Integrative Diagnosis to spinal alignment to diagnosis and individualized reviews, we use everything available resource to provide care.

Consider visiting a chiropractor if:

  • You've experienced a sports injury or other set-back
  • You have chronic and unexplained pain in your back, neck, head or extremities
  • Parts of your body are numb, stiff or hard to move

We specialize in treating the following ailments:

Low Back Pain & Sciatica

Neck Pain & Headaches

Elbow & Wrist Pain

Foot & Ankle Pain

Hip Pain

Athletic & Workplace Injury Relief Near Saginaw

If you lead an active lifestyle or work in an environment that's not conducive to proper body alignment, injuries may be tough to initially self-diagnose. While cramps and and abrasions are easily detectable, subtle tissue and nerve damage can manifest later through headaches, mobility problems, and other indicators. These effects make it harder to sleep, focus and enjoy your activities of daily living.

Tri-City Soft Tissue and Spine Chiropractic takes the time to understand you, studying your lifestyle and talking through your symptoms. We then choose from a wide selection of chiropractic techniques, matching the treatment to your specific needs.

Tri-City Soft Tissue and Spine Chiropractic treats:

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - the most often cause of carpal tunnel syndrome is a median nerve entrapment. The nerve can be stuck anywhere in the neck, armpit or, in the forearm.
  • Plantar Fasciitis - The muscles and ligaments that cross the ankle joint need to be evaluated if you have foot and ankle pain. Muscle adhesions will decrease the range of motion of the ankle, making the muscles in your legs and feet weaker and less flexible.
  • Soft Tissue Damage - Injuries to soft tissue can cause severe pain, nerve problems, and other issues.
  • Osteoarthritis - When we overuse a joint the arthritis process can start, making the joints less flexible and painful. Reducing adhesion in all the surrounding tissues can help restore proper range of motion, and possibly slow down the degenerative process.

Get your health back on track with chiropractor services from Tri-City Soft Tissue and Spine! Contact us ASAP to be pain free!