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The Tri-City Soft Tissue and Spine team specializes in the full range of chiropractic services. Whether you need pain management, muscle adhesion therapy or care after a sports injury, we tackle your alignment issues. In addition to treatment, we provide personalized customer service, keeping you knowledgable regarding your care.

Once you are a pain management client, it is our mission to explain each step of your care. Our goal is to remedy conditions related to poor posture, workplace exposure, sleeping difficulty, and sports injuries. Our clients' feedback is what inspires us. If you are interested in scheduling your personalized consultation, call and speak with our friendly professionals.

Chiropractic & Soft Tissue Specializations

The Tri-City Soft Tissue & Spine Team Provides The Following Treatments:

Back Pain Treatment: It can range from a dull pain that slowly gets worse, to a sharp pain that travels from below the waist to the hip, buttocks or down into the feet. The most common cause of low back pain is strain from standing in one position too long, heavy lifting, sudden movement or twisting at an odd angle. More.

Elbow & Wrist Pain: Not only can elbows and wrists suffer pain from injury or overuse, they can also be affected by pinched nerves in the neck, shoulder and spine. More

Hip Pain: Runners are especially susceptible to hip pain and hip injuries. The specialists at Tri-City Soft Tissue & Spine treat hip pain and injuries most effectively. More

Shoulder Pain: If shoulder pain is preventing you from sleeping, exercising, or doing daily activities, it's time to call a specialist. More

When you need the best Pain Management in the Bay City area, choose Tri-City Soft Tissue and Spine today! Schedule your appointment today to start your healing journey!