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Effective Chiropractic Care Using Integrative Diagnosis™ in Midland, MI

Back, Neck & Joint Pain Treatment in Midland, MI | Tri-City Soft Tissue & Spine - treatmentTri-City Soft Tissue & Spine in Midland, MI, takes chiropractic care to the next level.

While traditional chiropractors rely on regular joint and spinal adjustments to give temporary pain relief, we take a more proactive approach. Using Integrative Diagnosis™, we accurately diagnose and treat the condition that is causing the pain.

Integrative Diagnosis, LLC was founded in 2006, by William Brady, D.C. Integrative Diagnosis™ is a complete system designed to accurately diagnose and conservatively treat musculoskeletal conditions.  Integrative Diagnosis™ providers are certified in Manual Adhesion Release™ (MAR) and Instrument Adhesion Release™ (IAR) which are the most effective methods for breaking down adhesion. (source) Dr. Ryan Madigan D.C. is the Tri-City’s leader in Integrative Diagnosis.

Adhesions Are the Leading Cause of Back, Neck and Joint Pain in Active Adults

Adhesions are arguably the number one cause (next to degeneration or arthritis) for muscle and joint pain. They are also the most under-diagnosed condition in the musculoskeletal system. Adhesions are typically caused by injury. However, any time a muscle gets overworked, suffers acute injury, or sustains a repeat injury, the result is a lack of blood flow to the affected muscle, ligament or tissue. Without proper intervention or treatment, the lack of oxygen causes an adhesion. An adhesion acts like glue and sticks tissues and nerves together, making the surrounding muscles and tissues weaker and less flexible. Adhesions along nerves can cause numbness, tingling, aching, tension, and in some, weakness.

MAR and IAR are the Two Most Effective Treatments for Adhesions

Manual Adhesion Release™ (MAR)

Manual Adhesion Release™ is the leading soft-tissue chiropractic treatment to remove adhesion or scar tissue. Manual Adhesion Release™ uses the hands to break down adhesions, without damaging the overlying healthy tissue, adding back range of motion to areas of need.

Instrument Adhesion Release™ (IAR)

Instrument Adhesion Release™ is an instrument based form of manual treatment that is designed to accurately remove adhesions without damage to the overlying healthy tissue. Common conditions where IAR works more efficiently than MAR or ART include, Achilles tendon, elbows, forearm pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, shin splints, and plantar fasciitis.

Other Effective Chiropractic Services We Provide in Midland, MI

Sole Supports Orthotics

For people suffering from foot, ankle or knee pain, we may recommend custom orthotics. Sole Supports Orthotics are the only truly custom orthotics that takes into account your arch height, foot flexibility, body weight and load factors (activities of daily living). We don’t recommend these for every patient, but sometimes they are the best solution for correcting the issues that cause pain in your feet, ankles and knees. In many cases, custom sole supports are beneficial to patients who need longer relief and correction after treatment has fixed their soft-tissue adhesions. Learn more about Sole Support Orthotics.

Corrective Exercise

Corrective Exercises are sometimes added towards the end of the patient’s care plan, after proper range of motion has been restored. This is done to strengthen the muscles that previously had adhesions and correct muscular imbalance. This will improve the overall patient outcome and keep joints healthy.

If you are suffering from pain, contact Tri-City Soft Tissue & Spine. We treat the underlying cause of your pain, offering long-term relief, not a temporary fix.